Thinning Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Haircuts to Mask Thinning Hair

Barber in MidvaleAlthough your crowning glory might look more like a newborn pup than, let’s say Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise, you don’t need to shave off your hair to hide that it’s thinning. Instead, make your receding hairline work by going for one of these five haircuts:

  1. The Short Crop – This haircut is marked by finger-length or shorter hair all around to lend that appearance of fullness. When styling, run a dime-size dollop of hair wax to your hair for added texture.
  2. The Standard Buzz Cut – This will flatter thinning hair because you can’t see that much hair. While this haircut might seem easy and low-maintenance, you still have to take care of the scalp to prevent dryness. Massage your scalp with coconut, jojoba, argan, olive, or coconut oil once or twice weekly to keep is moisturized, advises a barber school instructor in Midvale.
  3. The Barista – If the thinning area is right on your crown, this haircut, with its pushed back, long top, will conceal the shine and won’t look outdated. Also known as the “hipster comb-over,” you can style with a water-based product to maintain volume.
  4. The Mop Top – This is ideal for men with long, thinning hair because it will lend the illusion of messy and busy hair, which in turn will appear fuller. This is best styled by running some molding paste right at the ends for a controlled movement and a thicker appearance.
  5. The Tight and High – The hair at the back is as short as possible so that it’s tight or properly blended with the thinning portion. Style it with a side part, tease it a bit, and then finish up with a light application of pomade only on the thinning sections.

If you’re still unsure which haircut might be right for you, don’t be embarrassed to ask your barber. For one, he’s a professional, but more importantly, he has probably seen all kinds of hair issues.