Three London Attractions to Explore on Your Next Trip

View Of LondonLondon has its fair share of world-renowned sites and hidden gems. This is why you should aim to tackle the best of both worlds — and that means checking out those famous sites as well as some secret hotspots that still exude the city’s culture.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Want a full view of London without walking the miles? You can start your trip by checking out the Coca-Cola London Eye, which gives a pretty expansive view of what you can see in Central London. From there, you can take hints of what places you can visit for a more spontaneous trip.

The London Eye offers three packages for tourists. The basic option provides one 30-minunte rotation and an entry to a 4D Cinema Experience with discount. For those who cannot commit to a specific time can add a few British pounds to get the more premium Any Time Flexi option. There is also the two-rotations experience, which allows a day and night view of London.

Skateboard Park

Who says that skateboarding is dead? Just beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall lies ramps and raises that are meant to take away hours from skateboarders.

Of course, the Southbank Skatepark is just one of many well-known skateboard parks in Central London. There is a large skatepark in Cantelowes, the more interestingly structured White Grounds, and even a free space near Southbank, known as the House of Vans, as per the London Skate Parks.

You can stay in a hostel in London Central, LHA London suggests, as the place is accessible to many great places. Find a nice place to rest near those skate parks. That way, you can practice to your heart’s content, or just watch enthusiastic skaters and their neat tricks.

Westminster Abbey

No trip to London will be complete without seeing the Westminster Abbey. The building which has been built around 700 years ago, continues to invite millions of visitors, thanks to its rich history and architectural peculiarity.

When you look for a hostel in London Central, make sure that it is near this UNESCO heritage site. This ensures that you can check out not only the Westminster Abbey, but according to The London Pass, you can also enjoy a nice walk along the famed Thames.

Central London holds some really great sights. The next time you visit London, make sure to book a hostel near these iconic places, so you can see them all.