Tips for a Positive and Productive First Dental Visit

Child being checked by a dentistPrimary teeth deserve as much attention and care as permanent teeth. Accordingly, a child should visit a dentist within six months after the emergence of the first baby tooth or before his or her first birthday. Here are tips from for a positive first dental appointment.

Choose a good pediatric dentist.

Although any dentist can address your baby’s dental care needs, a dentist for children is preferable. If possible, choose a pediatric dentist rather than a general dentist. Pediatric dentists have additional training on the unique needs of children.

Prepare your kid.

Schedule the dental appointment when your child is alert. A morning visit is preferable when kids are usually well rested and cooperative. If your child is a few years old, try to build some excitement and understanding. Explain to the child the significance of the visit and give an idea of the things to expect.

Prepare yourself too.

Get ready to ask questions and seek clarifications on issues regarding your baby’s dental health. During the 30 to 45-minute visit, the dentist can show you how to care for your baby’s mouth. You can also discuss fluoride treatments, dental sealants and other ways to protect the temporary teeth from cavities.

Also, remember that your kid can pick your anxieties and become restless too. Therefore, you will need to stay positive and keep in check any fear you may have about visits to the dentist.

Your child needs regular dental check-ups from the time he or she is about a year old. The first visits will be about getting your kid used to the dentist’s chair and teaching you how to care for the erupting teeth. The initial appointments are also about the dentist getting to know your child and the child establishing a dental home. Make the first and the subsequent visits positive.