Too Much of Something is Bad, Including Washing Your Hair

Hair Washing in MidvalePeople all over the world, regardless of gender, have been taught since childhood to wash their hair regularly. But what does “regularly” mean? Studies have found that washing hair daily with shampoo could eliminate natural proteins and oils needed by your hair and scalp to stay healthy.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Basically, the answer will depend on your specific hair profile. Curlier, thicker, and processed hair could go without washing longer than finer and thinner hair. This is because your natural oils don’t seep into the hair shaft as faster as it does for people with thinner and finer locks. In general, your frequency of washing will depend on hair profile, the oiliness of your scalp, your lifestyle, and your specific preferences.

For instance, if you go to the gym every day, you’ll naturally feel the need to wash your hair after your workout. If you have fine, thin hair and oily scalp, your mane will begin to look dull and flat in just a day, plus if your hair is pin-straight, your oily scalp will be more pronounced. Consider rinsing your hair without applying shampoo or find a shampoo specifically formulated for daily use since it contains fewer chemicals than regular shampoos.

An expert from Collectiv Academy says the great thing for curly-haired people is that they could go three days without shampooing. However, they should avoid shampoos with high sulfate content, which will strip off the natural oils of their hair, advises an instructor from a renowned beauty school in Utah. She adds that curly-haired people could instead co-wash — use conditioner instead of regular shampoo for washing — or opt for a sulfate free shampoo if they must wash their hair more than twice weekly.

Final Answer

For the majority of people, every other day washing will suffice, but if you could go every two days or more without dandruff and feeling very oily, by all means, go for it. In the event that your hair becomes oily even only after a day or two, try applying dry shampoo or hair powder first to see if it’ll do the trick.