Top 3 Things Strangers First Notice About You

a woman smiling while holding a coffee cupWouldn’t it be nice to know what people notice about you the moment you first meet? Well, it turns out that it’s not all that difficult to figure this out. By observing a person, you can tell where their attention is at. That said, here are three things a person will take note of within moments of meeting you for the first time.

Your smile

If you don’t smile enough, then perhaps you’ll start to do that once you realize that a lovely smile is one of the very first things a person notices about you. A smiling person immediately exudes a welcoming vibe. He or she comes across as attractive, confident, and easy to start a conversation with. So, do your best to cultivate a charming smile. If you have dental issues, like missing teeth, don’t let these stop you – consult with an implant dentist in Northbrook, IL to see what they can do to restore your beautiful smile.

Your eyes

The eyes reveal a lot about a person. It’s no wonder that people call them the windows to one’s soul. What are your eyes saying? Maintaining eye contact is a winner as it shows that you are paying genuine attention to the other person. And remember, your smile isn’t complete unless it lights up your eyes.

Your hair

Yes, people take note of your hair, so don’t think that all the time you spend getting your hair styled is a waste of effort. Sleek and elegant hair says you are healthy and have a sense of style. If your mane smells nice, that’s a huge bonus. So, the next time you are about to head out of your house, don’t hesitate to take a few more minutes to make sure your hair looks great.

Your appearance, more than anything else, says a lot about you during the first few minutes strangers meet you. Before they get to know you better, make sure that you’ve made a great initial impression.