Types of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Techniques

a woman experiencing back painBack pain might be one of the most painful things you might have to endure. This pain is generally a result of issues with your spinal cord which impinges on your nerve roots. In extreme cases, this pain might lead to complete paralysis of your lower extremities.

Thankfully, you now have a solution for back pain at a Tulsa chiropractic clinic. There are different spinal manipulation techniques employed here to relieve back pain. Here are some of these manipulation techniques.

Activator Technique

This treatment uses a manual adjusting device which transmits a gentle impulse into your extremities or vertebral spine segments. This impulse is best described as a light thumping sensation. You will lie on an adjustment table face down, and the chiropractor evaluates your leg length then adjusts your joints and spine with the activator device. The activator technique can be used to treat a range of back pains and even migraines.

Cox Flexion Technique

This is the choice treatment for scoliosis, facet joint pain and disc herniations. In Cox flexion, the chiropractor applies a gentle stretch on your lower spine using slow, gentle repetitive motions. You will lie on a specially adjusted table for this technique. The Cox flexion technique is not painful but instead feels like a gentle stretching motion.

Gonstead Technique

This is a hands-on treatment method. It generally involves adjustment of your lower back and pelvis as you lie on your side. The Gonstead technique realigns joints, increases mobility and reduces stiffness and pain. Specially-designed tables and chairs are used for patient positioning during this spinal manipulation technique.

Most people are apprehensive about chiropractic care with the myths circulating in various circles on its risks. The above spinal manipulation techniques are, however, completely safe and efficient in treating a range of conditions which cause back and neck pain. You can hence confidently opt for chiropractic care for your spinal issues.