Types of Fiber and Anti-Oxidant Rich Dried Fruits

Fiber rich foodAmong the often-misunderstood foods are dried fruits. Most people erroneously assume that dried fruits are unhealthy because of their high natural sugar concentration and processing. Organic dried fruits are, however, grown without any chemicals and undergo chemical-free processing, which makes them a healthy choice.

With a growing consciousness towards health, these days, it is no wonder that retailers and direct consumers, alike, buy organic dried fruit in wholesale quantities. Not only do these food items make for a delicious snack, they are among the highest in fiber and antioxidants, protecting your body from constipation and certain types of cancer. Here are some good for your organic dried fruit treats:

Black Mission Figs

These fruits have higher calcium content per cup than milk making them the best for your blood pressure and bones. They can be used in place of dates in recipes and deliver less sugar but the same amount of flavor as the latter. Black mission figs taste somewhat like caramel with a combination of raisins and vanilla.


If you are looking for a fruit with low sugar content, apricot is the answer. This fruit has the lowest sugar content among dried fruits and also packs a high vitamin C level. The fruits are easy to digest when eaten alone. They are also great in muffins, homemade granola bars, and energy bars.

Dried Plums

These fruits are packed with boron, a mineral which promotes bone health and strength. They also have high levels of potassium, iron and vitamin C. Dried plums have a lower sugar content compared to dates. They can be used instead of dates in recipes, baked treats, muffins, and bars.

The above mentioned dried fruits are the healthiest substitute for artificial and refined sweeteners in recipes since they are whole foods. They also retain the mineral, vitamin and fiber content of the whole fruit very well in cooking. It is time to stock up your restaurant or home kitchen with these fruits and start whipping up healthy gourmet meals for your clients and family.