Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Special

Wedding Day A wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life; it’s not simply a Brisbane party or function that you ordinarily prepare for. As such, you would want to make the day as special as possible for you and for your guests. To make sure that everyone would have a good time, here are a few ideas.

Give your guests a breather.

Create a small lounge area in your reception to give guests some private space to mingle in between dance breaks. Make the space feel a little more private by closing it off with curtains. Your guests will definitely feel the VIP treatment!

Preceremony refreshment

Cocktail hour is often right after the ceremony, but why not treat your guests to some light refreshments before the ceremony? Serve teas or mimosa — no alcoholic drinks! — while guests are waiting for the ceremony to start and mingling about. Do have ushers or servers pick up any stray glasses before the processional begins.

Personalise your welcome bags.

It might seem like an added work on your end, but you do want to thank your guests for sharing this momentous event. One way to make them feel really special is by going the extra mile and making personal welcome notes to place in bags of goodies for your guests. Fill the bags with a bottle of wine and inexpensive snacks like chocolates and add your welcome note for each guest. If you find making welcome bags a little cumbersome, you can simply make the notes and place them on the place cards for your guests. They’ll certainly feel well-appreciated!

Make a guestbook that you’ll actually enjoy.

Guest books often get stored and forgotten in the closet. Why not make one that you will actually use and see at the same time? A good idea to go about this is to get a coffee table book on perhaps a place significant to you and your groom. Instead of the traditional guest book, have guests sign on its margins. Later, you can easily display it in your home and whenever you open the book, you’ll also see and remember your wedding guests!