Visiting the Philippine Kitchen: A Filipino’s Love for Pancit

Almost every local rFilipino Pancit Cantonestaurant in the Philippines serves some kind of pancit cuisine or noodle dish. Even bystander stalls along the busy streets of every city, whether urban or rural, sell a variety of this food. When you talk about top Filipino dishes, it’s hard to leave out pancit.

Originally a Chinese cuisine, pancit dishes has been around local kitchens for many years now. In fact, the archipelago’s different regions have their own version. Among the common specialties of this dish is the pancit canton – dressed in thick sauce topped with vegetables and meat.

Knowing What’s Best

Due to its popularity among Filipinos, there are companies that produce instant noodles. This is a common go-to meal for students with a shoestring budget and for employees who have limited minutes for lunch. Doctors, however, suggest that you should not eat instant noodles frequently. That is why the best pancit canton in the country remains to be those which are handmade by cooks.

Why it’s a Favorite

Try to visit any common Filipino event, particularly birthdays, and you’ll often be served with pancit. It is because locals believe that eating lengthy strands of noodles symbolizes longer life. Almost all types of families find ways to have at least a small amount of pancit during special occasions.

Not only can you serve and eat this dish for celebrated days, but even on normal ones. As common as it is, you can buy pancit at almost any time of the day. Popularly eaten by locals on merienda or lunch, you can also take this on breakfast or dinner.

It’s so simple that you can probably make it at home, even without vast knowledge in cooking. Pancit canton is easy to prepare and often goes even with only a few ingredients. Unlike other varieties, most of the flavor lies in the thick sauce. You just need to have the right mix to pull off this favorite dish.