Voicing Concerns: These 5 Pros Need to Care for Their Voice

microphonesThe voice is what people use for expressing and communicating. This is why careers like singing or newscasting require its professionals to articulate notes or syllables well. Voice issues that may affect these professionals include hoarseness, respiratory infection, and swallowing disorders.

Peak ENT and Voice Center¬†explains that it’s important to get your voice or throat checked by doctors, especially if you’re part of the following voice-based professions.


Professors or any academician who does lectures in classes need to take care of their voice. There may be times when you’ll teach more than one class in a day because another teacher couldn’t teach, so there’s no telling when you’ll be needed. This necessitates you to be ready at all times.


Whether you’re the vocalist of a band or an operatic singer, warm-ups are usually done before live concerts or theater performances so that the voice won’t get strained if it got used suddenly. Among other careers that use the voice, singers use it the most because they often belt high notes.

Voice Actors

Voice actors often use their voices in nonconventional ways, especially those who are voicing animated characters. This usually means the actor must use a cartoonish voice, which could strain the vocal cords if it involves lots of grunting or roaring.


Radio and television newscasters normally follow a regular schedule in presenting news, compared to other voice-based jobs. Still, it’s just as crucial that they take care of their vocal cords because they are responsible for relaying important information to viewers.

Customer Service

Customer service operators regularly handle inquiries from customers over the phone. Whether it’s a simple question about hotel rooms or serious complaints about billing, this job could stress your voice if there are a lot of calls waiting.

It’s important for people to take care of their voice since it is what enables them to express themselves or communicate with one another. There are sicknesses that can affect your voice, such as hoarseness, swallowing disorders, and respiratory infections. If your career depends on your voice, you must have it checked regularly by doctors.