Volunteer Corps: Protecting and Serving Singapore

Soldiers in SingaporeSingapore is one of the smallest sovereign states in the world, along with the Vatican City and Monaco. It is also one of the most prosperous places in the world, being a major commercial hub and tourist destination. It is no wonder that Singapore has been training up their military for worst-case scenarios.

Strengthening the Military

From 2008 to 2012, Singapore became the fifth-largest weapons importer in the world. The city-state has a mandatory enlistment of all 18 to 20 year old males. The Singapore Armed Forces also has a volunteer scheme that people can take up.

Joining the Service

As Mindef.gov.sg explains, joining the Singapore armed forces includes a set of criteria. First, you must be within the age limit of 18 and 45 years old. Second, you should have no prior National Service commitment. Third, you are strong and physically able. Last, and most importantly, you have a desire to serve the country.

Serving in Different Jobs

People who can volunteer are first-generation permanent residents, new Singaporean citizens, and all Singaporean women. Upon joining, you can train to take up the many roles available. Briefly, these roles are Naval Operations, C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers), Legal, Engineering, Medical Trainers, Maritime Trainers, Defence Psychologist, Information, and Security.

Training to be a Soldier

Before you can take up any military role, you have to undergo a training process. You have to undergo basic training to learn military service essentials. Next, you have to go through qualification training according to the role you choose. Some roles require advanced training, though.

Calling You Up for Deployment

Once finished with qualification and advanced training, you will be deployed within the role you choose. Normally, you will serve for seven days annually. A SAF100V document will allow you to take leave from your occupation, so you can serve.

Singapore may be a small country, but its development is comparable to other first-world countries. You can contribute to keep the city-state safe and free from harm’s way.