Ways to Improve Athleticism to Become a Better Basketball Player

AthelticismAthleticism is an important aspect of a player’s basketball game; this allows them to realize their potential and utilize their unique skills. Certain practices allow them to improve their athletic ability, which enables a player to become better.

Multi-Joint Exercises

According to a strength coach in a basketball training camp, aspiring players shouldn’t just focus on several sets of bicep curls or calf raises; a player needs to perform multi-joint exercises. Performing 1 to 2 exercises for their triceps, biceps, and other muscle groups help them get results. Adding bench presses, squats, cleans and plyometrics must be on the list instead of single-joint exercises, as the mentioned exercises target multiple areas at once. A program that contains full body movements that are similar to basketball helps them improve their athletic ability.

Neural Training

The nervous system is the driver when it comes to speed bursts, multi-joint movements and compound lifts. If a player performs cleans when tired, the nervous system will fail to send signals to the appropriate muscles at the right time to execute the exercise perfectly. Fatigue when training increases the likelihood of an injury and won’t deliver results because of poor technique. When you formulate a training regimen with your coach, put the neurologically demanding exercises in the early part of the sessions.

Build on Base of Strength

Athletes need a strong strength base to become better athletically; this allows them to explode to the rim or leave their defenders in the dust. Major lifts such as dead lifting, bench presses, squats and other similar exercises, help build power in different muscle groups. Performing the mentioned exercises with the right technique makes you stronger and faster.

These techniques and exercises improve your athleticism, which enables you to maximize your skills as a basketball player. Improving athletic ability allows you to move better on the floor.