Wedding Diaries: Three Details That Brides Usually Forget

CeremonyAfter the flurry of emotions of your engagement, you find yourself full of bliss and joy. In no time, you embark on the exciting task of preparing for your big day. Soon, you find yourself buried deep in pages and pages of checklists and faced with different decisions.

As it’s your dream wedding, it is only natural that you want to see every detail covered. Despite your best efforts, it always just happens that you might have left out one or two important details.

Here are three of those essentials that brides forget during wedding preparations:

  • Including the Vendor Meals

Within two weeks of your wedding day, you need to give to your caterer the final headcount of your guests. Don’t forget giving the headcount for your vendors, as well. These people will make sure everything goes as you planned on your big day. Vendor meals cost less than guest meals, as they are simpler and separate from guests.

  • Preparing the Legal Documentation

You cannot make it official unless you have applied for your marriage license and other legal documentation required by the state. Start processing your documents early, so everything is ready by the time you need them.

  • Checking the Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast regularly as your wedding day approaches, especially if you will be having the ceremony or reception outside. If there are reports of rain, Apres Party and Tent Rental recommends hiring an outdoor tent. Advise the vendors of any development, so they can make necessary preparations.

Wedding preparations can become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much time on your hands to look into every detail. Every bride and groom should consider hiring a professional wedding planner. While hiring a planner adds up to your expenses, they can help you with more savings at the end — not to mention, sparing you from all the stress.