Wedding Photography Style — Classic, Documentary, or Edgy?

Wedding Photography Before you start your search for your dream wedding photographer, it’s a great idea to first decide on the specific kind of photography style you want for your big day. This will ensure that you choose the best wedding photographer that fits your needs and will help the photographer prepare for the day.

These three wedding photography styles give you ideas on what to do on your wedding day:

Portraiture / Classic / Traditional Style

Remember how your parents’ wedding album looked like? This is it. This style focuses on posed, styled shots of you and your groom, family, and friends in different backgrounds. However, these are not your average, superposed poses since many wedding photographers will also incorporate creative elements that will still go well with this photography style well.

Documentary / Photojournalism Style agrees that the documentary photography style focuses on more spontaneous or candid moments of people, action, and décor. Shots may include the sumptuous buffet setup with someone sneaking a taste before everyone else arrives, you and your bridesmaids having some fun while dressing up, and similar themes. Take note that you’ll seldom see photos with people looking at the camera since the photographer will aim to capture real-life moments as they occur and, when combined, tell a cohesive story of your wedding day.

Edgy / Fine Art Style

While this is somewhat similar to the documentary / photojournalism wedding photography style, it gives the photographer more artistic freedom. So although the photos reflect reality, it’s how the photographer sees reality. Your photos will surely be breathtaking and dramatic, but appear to be shot on film (some really do use films) with a more muted, dreamier, and grainier composition. The subjects are usually in focus, while backgrounds are a mere blur, with motion captured to appear as natural as possible. You’ll also see different angles and unusual framing.

Once you’ve decided on the specific style you want, you just have to find the right photographer for the job. Keep in mind as well that many photographers often combine different styles, however, if you want to focus on just one style, just let the photographer know.