What Kind of Invisalign Treatment Suits You?

Invisalign shown in a ring lightThe kind of dental treatment that you should choose depends on the complexity of your misalignment. This determines the number of aligners and the kind of Invisalign treatment you need to have.

If you are hesitant on using metal braces, then clear removable aligners or Invisalign is your next best option in Medford. Invisalign resembles mouth guards, and in most cases, they are custom made for you. Here are the different ways you could ask your dentist to customize your Invisalign.

Invisalign Full

This is the most common Invisalign treatment method. It aligns much of your teeth as necessary to give you the best results. It is used for the treatment of advanced and complicated orthodontic conditions. While the recovery period varies, the approximate time for noticeable results can range between 12 to 18 months. The length varies because every person has a different kind of dental concern.

Invisalign Lite

This method is normally used in cases involving minimal dental complexities through using several aligners. It is best for people who need a slight adjustment, straightening or alignment ahead of cosmetic dental work. Therefore, if you intend to have dental bonding, veneers, or bridges, Invisalign lite is a good way to start your treatment.

Invisalign i7

This is the latest addition to the Invisalign treatment options. Many choose this as it takes a much shorter time compared to the standard Invisalign. It is recommended for people who need minor and almost invisible dental correction. This could be slight overcrowding of teeth or the presence of a single crooked tooth. It is also a viable option in cases where you have had previous orthodontic treatment but did not get the desired results.

You need to have a proper dental program aligned  with your Invisalign treatment program for optimal results. The treatment procedure should provide room to incorporate changes that the patient may need during the procedure.