What Makes A Place ‘Romantic?’

Romantic Wedding Venue in CanterburyWhen it comes to weddings, romance is key. Marrying couples always look for a ‘romantic’ wedding venue. There is no other way a wedding venue should be. But then, look at the term ‘romantic’ and how vague it is. Some may say that its meaning is universal but people’s beliefs on romanticism vary greatly.

A place may be considered romantic by some but not for others. This makes defining a truly romantic place a difficult thing to do. However, a look at several factors may help lead to a conclusion.

Defining ‘Romantic’

Romantic obviously comes from the word romance. The most appropriate meaning for the latter, according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as something marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of something idealised. The key word is idealised. When visiting a so-called romantic place, its overall appeal connects with one’s emotions and puts forth an idealised experience. In this case, it is the love and attraction that intimately binds a couple.

It may also help to define a romantic person. Romantics are classified as avid dreamers and visionaries; often seeing meaning in things in a way others can’t. They are also largely optimistic. It’s not unusual to see them cherish the lives they lead and constantly wonder about the beauty of the world they live in. Some may say that romantics are too idealistic, even; that they live in their own utopia which is unrealistic and too fantastical. But the beauty of being romantic, some say, lies in their ability to always look on the positive side of life.

Take a look at supposed ‘romantic’ places. Paris and Venice, for one, are considered romantic. But so is a white sand beach in the sunset or a mountain-top chalet. The thing is that no two ‘romantic’ locales are often alike. What matters most is the ability of these places to appeal to one’s emotions. It’s easy to understand why the Venetian canals and buildings are romantic, because of its old world, classic charm that conjures up images of passion and love.

In the end, people’s definitions of a place’s romanticism are all in the mind. What matters most is that it is a beautiful location that connects with one’s deepest emotions and desires.