What’s the Connection between Weight Loss and Telomeres?

Woman tying tape measurement around her waistWeight loss can certainly add more years to a person’s life by significantly lowering the risks of chronic diseases. These include cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

What many people don’t know, though, is its effect goes far deeper than that – up to the cellular level, in fact. It prevents the shortening of the telomeres. In some cases, it may reverse the process.

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What Are Telomeres?

Inside the cells are the genes, which are composed of chromosomes and the DNA, which is the genetic code. At the end of these chromosomes are the telomeres. Acting as caps, they prevent the “fraying” or damage to the chromosomes. They also avoid the cells from losing much of their genes during the cellular division. Moreover, they are responsible for preventing the chromosomes from fusing together, which could potentially lead to genetic mutation or changes.

While telomeres start out long, they can also shorten each time the cell divides. As this happens, they they will no longer protect the chromosomes and prevent the cells from dividing properly to promote anti-aging.

Prevent Telomere Shortening with Weight Loss

At some point, telomeres will shorten. What people can do is to prevent it from happening prematurely. One of the effective ways is through weight loss.

In a Yale University study among breast cancer patients, the survivors who undertook a healthier lifestyle change, including maintaining a healthy diet and exercising, had slowed down the shortening process. In certain instances, they even managed to reverse it.

Although the studies usually do not point out the reason for the slow progression, there’s a likelihood it has something to do with obesity’s connection to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. These factors can shorten the telomere length.

People do age – it’s a fact of life. The good thing is that with weight loss and the necessary lifestyle changes, it doesn’t have to happen so soon.