When You’re Not Your Toothbrush’s Number One Fan

Hate Brushing Your TeethFor the majority of people, brushing the teeth twice a day is an unbreakable routine. They might skip it once or during emergencies, but they would never go without a brush on a normal day. On the other side of the spectrum are people who live without brushing their teeth — if they can. It’s not uncommon for this group to hate brushing with such passion that they avoid it whenever possible.

You might be part of this minority.

Why the Aversion to Brushing?

Others might consider your hatred of teeth brushing as odd. But there are numerous reasons that justify why you’re not a big fan.

According to the dentists at Parkway Dental, psychological issues such as depression can make the simplest of chores (such as brushing your teeth) hard to do. In some cases, physical conditions like arthritis stop you from thoroughly cleaning your pearly whites. Dental health problems can make teeth brushing an unpleasant experience.

But You Need to Brush

Over 500 species of bacteria live in your mouth. Every day, they eat, reproduce, excrete waste, and die. Some of them improve your oral health, but a number are harmful to your teeth and gums.

These microscopic living organisms are amazing in surviving harmful environments. They feed on excess food particles rich in dextran and simple carbohydrates. Eventually, their presence results in bleeding gums and cavities.

To maintain your pearly whites, your best defense is your toothbrush.

Falling in Love with Your Toothbrush

Finding out the cause of your aversion determines the way to make brushing less of a problem. For example, if you gag when you brush, distract yourself. Watch TV, read your email, or walk around the house — do anything that takes your mind off your teeth.

If your teeth hurt, visit your dentist immediately. If you’re suffering from dental phobia, ask your dentist about nervous patients.

Your toothbrush need not be your greatest enemy. By finding ways around your brushing-related problem, it can be your greatest ally.