Where Quirky Meets the Eccentric: Odd Places to See in London

operating theatreHumans can be an eccentric lot. The bizarre are natural draws that are practically impossible to ignore. Offer them anything out of the ordinary and you will get their undivided attention.

It is for this reason that novelty attractions are quite popular in mainstream pop culture. From circus attractions to museum features, the unusual is sure to make heads turn and people pay attention.

Noted accommodations provider lhalondon.com lists the weirdest places you can see in London:

The Sham Bridge

What would be so weird about a bridge to make you want to see it, you might ask. Well, this particular bridge does appear to be normal until you see it from the side. Then you will realise it is actually a fake bridge, hence the name.

The Wellcome Collection

Whilst museums are hardly ever weird, this one can actually take the cake. It features an impressively weird collection that includes Napoleon’s toothbrush and Darwin’s walking stick among many others. There is a reason behind the dub “free visitor destination for the incurably curious”.

Shrunken Human Heads (Ripley’s Believe it or Not)

As if London’s wonderfully eccentric Ripley’s Believe it or Not did not already have enough weird attractions, it features shrunken human heads. The said heads come from South America, where the Jivaro tribes remove the skin off heads of their fallen enemies and shrink them down to the size of a fist.

The Operating Theatre

This museum underwent careful restoration. It was finally unveiled to the public in 1962 and is still in operation today. The old operating theatre museum will give you a grisly reminder of how gruesome surgery was before the advent of anaesthetics and antibiotics.

The Diminutive Police Station

Londoners have likely walked past it countless times without even noticing it. That is exactly how small it is. This police station built into a lamp post in Trafalgar Square is big enough to host only a single police officer. Perhaps the smallest in the world, it is definitely the smallest in London.

Do yourself a favour and delve into a truly awe-inspiring experience. Visit these truly mind-boggling places the next time you visit merry old London.