Why Rely on Professional Tooth Whitening

Man with white teethWith oral prophylaxis or professional dental cleaning, you’re likely to enjoy a fresher breath and a smile that’s free of plaque and tartar. You may even notice that your teeth are somehow brighter. While there may be undeniable benefits about this procedure, you cannot rely on it to change the color of your pearly whites. This is especially true if they’re noticeably yellow.

The Most Effective Solution

Professional tooth whitening is your best option to lighten the shade your teeth and remove other unsightly stains. South Bend teeth whitening dentists note that this is more effective than using whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter trays. When carried out by a dental professional, it is perfectly safe as they will examine your teeth first and decide whether the procedure is right for you.

Tailored Whitening Treatment

While most cases of tooth whitening are successful, the treatments work differently depending on a few factors like the shade of your teeth. This is why the procedure must be tailored to your situation and needs. You should also tell your dentist what you want to achieve with tooth whitening, as well as all the concerns you have. This is will help your dentist decide on the right treatment for you.

Why Consult a Dentist

It’s also important to keep in mind that whitening treatment may not work for some people. Your dentist will inform you when the procedure might not be successful. This may be the case for unhealthy teeth, dental works (like crowns and veneers), and those with exposed roots. You should also expect your dentist to:

  • Choose the right whitening treatment plan for you
  • Give you an estimate of the improvement in the shade you’re likely to achieve
  • Inform you about how long the effect of whitening should last

A noticeably yellow smile is likely to have a dramatic transformation with professional whitening treatment. This can also make take some years off your age, make you more confident, and give you an edge in both professional and dating world.