Why You Need to “Take Your Vitamins and Minerals”

Take Vitamins and MineralsEvery time you see a TV commercial about vitamins and minerals, you hear and see how these help the body become stronger and more resistant to disease. They are essential for your body to function normally and for a longer time.

But whether you take them in pills, syrups, or in the food you eat, the question you’re probably asking is why. Why do people need vitamins and minerals? The answer is simple: your body cannot produce them itself, so it needs sources from the outside to supply it with the right amount of these vitamins and minerals.

Do Vitamins Supply Energy?

Not by themselves. Instead, vitamins help enzymes already present in your body — such as carbohydrate and fat nutrients — generate energy. B complex vitamins are a good example of such vitamins that power the body’s nutrients to boost energy. They are also responsible for helping you produce more red blood cells and more DNA so your cells can multiply. B complex vitamins help cardiovascular, nerve, and intestinal health as well.

Do Minerals Come from Food?

Some minerals do come from food, such as iron, which you can get from red meat. One of the functions of iron is to help form hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout your body through your red blood cells. Calcium comes from dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese. It is the most important mineral for strengthening your bones and teeth.

Minerals don’t come from food alone, however. Many people take vitamin and mineral supplements along with their diet, such as Doctor Wallach Minerals. Some may frown on this practice, but taking advantage of modern health science’s benefits is actually very helpful for most people. Such vitamins and minerals in pill form have been around for a long time, and plenty more ways of helping the body are being introduced now and then.

So the next time somebody says, “Take your vitamins and minerals,” be smart and do so. You’ll thank yourself later, when you are stronger and better-looking than everyone else your age.