Your Child’s First Dental Visit: What Parents Should Know

DentalOne of the most common questions that new parents ask is when they should begin taking their children to the dentist. Many only take their children to the dentist at two years old, but this is much too late.

Pediatric dentists in Cottonwood Heights recommend that babies have their first appointment when teeth begin to erupt – usually at around six months old. Afterwards, regular follow up visits at least twice a year are needed.

Why Early Dental Visits are Essential

Tooth decay and other problems can set in from an early age, so it is essential to have their teeth examined properly by a professional. Apart from the dentist keeping an eye on the growth of your child’s primary teeth, there are other benefits to these early visits as well:

  • Help your child build good dental habits from the start
  • Ensure that there are no problems with their speech development and nutrition
  • Significantly reduce the risk of them developing dental anxiety
  • Learn about correct tooth brushing techniques for babies and young children
Making the First Visit Easier

As mentioned before, taking a child to the dentist early on is the best way to avoid dental anxiety. But what if you waited too long? Younger children can be quite scared, so it’s necessary to think of ways to reduce their anxiety.

  1. Introduce them first – Before their actual appointment, bring your child to the clinic to look around and meet the staff. For instance, you could take them along when you next have your teeth cleaned.
  2. Let them know – Teach your kid why going to the dentist is important. There are many online videos, games, and stories that can help make dental visits look very fun.
  3. Time it carefully – Always try to schedule the visit so that your child will be well-rested, and that you can take your time. Do your best to keep them comfortable.

At the end of the day, parents are responsible for preserving the oral health of their children. If your child’s teeth are beginning to erupt, schedule an appointment with your local pediatric dentist at the soonest possible time.